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Outsourcing of Windows stations – administration of OS Windows user stations by SISAL staff

In compliance with Dean’s regulation no. 4/2008, every administrator of end user device connected to the MFF UK computer network is accountable for all operations on the device s/he administers and, responsible for the provision of adequate software protection. Every end user device has to have an assigned administrator. End user devices include also employees‘ personal computers and notebooks provided these are connected to the MFF UK network. To employees of the School of Computer Science the SISAL department tenders the service - Administration of PC station. This service is particularly offered to employees of those departments that do not have their own administrator of PC stations.
In case of interest, please, submit your application on the form provided hereunder. Read through the form with care, fill it in all boxes and submit completed to SISAL secretariat. Relevant PC administrator will contact you shortly thereafter.

Application form is available here in RTF or PDF format.