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Copier Risograph – High-speed digital photocopier

The copier Risograph is available solely for employees of the School of Computer Science. It can be found in the Copy Room of the School of Computer Science located on the 4th floor of the MFF UK building at Malá Strana. Risograph is actually a modern stencil duplicator.


The price for one master is CZK 10, of one copy CZK 0,10. A two-sided copy costs CZK 0,20; charge for paper is CZK 0,20. Please, note down the register readings for both the masters and copies in the notebook provided in the pocket of the Risograph, according to which the annual account is made.

Instructions for copying

  1. Check the readings of both registers (open the front cover of the copier and take a look at the counters) with the entry in the notebook. Record possible variance in the column “Poznámka”.
  2. Switch the machine on.
  3. Double-check the setting. In case you did not switch the machine on, it is recommended to press RESET (page 24).
  4. Load the original and create a master (page 23).
  5. Make a sample copy (page 27), first few copies tend to be of lower quality.
  6. Set the required number of copies and print them out.
  7. Note down everything in the notebook, including both register readings.
  8. Switch the machine off and unplug.

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