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Copier Sharp – Two-sided copier Sharp

The copier Sharp is available solely for employees of the School of Computer Science. It can be found in the Copy Room of the School of Computer Science located on the 4th floor of the MFF UK building at Malá Strana.

Instructions for copying


Two-sided copying: PThe copier can reverse the pages of both the original and the copy. This allows for automatic generation of copies from two-sided original (manual pages 15, 21,43).
Sorter: PThe machine has a sorter for 20 groups of copies. It is of use particularly when creating multiple copies from more pages of the original (manual page 49).
Other functions: The copier has a number of additional special functions, which can be searched for in the manual. Just a few examples – enlarging, camouflage, deleting margins, etc.


Settlement of the copier account is performed prior to the year end. Upon request even sooner. The cost of one page is CZK 0,70 independent of whether you copy one or two-sided.