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Collator – Duplo DC-6 collator

The collator can be found in the Copy Room of the School of Computer Science located on the 4th floor of the MFF UK building at Malá Strana. This machine makes it possible to assemble copied material consisting of up to 6 sheets.

Instructions for use

  1. Place copies of the first sheet in the top bin, copies of the pages to follow in the next bins. Each bin should contain an identical number of sheets.
  2. Press button 1 (test) located at the bottom-left of the control panel. The display shows how many sheets will be used for completing the copies. It should show a number corresponding with the number of bins you filled.
  3. Press button 2 (start) located at the bottom-right of the control panel. The machine starts collating. When finished, the display shows how many sets have been produced.
In case of problems use the manual in the Copy Room or contact SISAL staff.