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Accounts for extern students

This form is only for extern students, whose need to use our net services and have a good reason for it. If you aren't extern student, you can't get account by this form! This form is also for students from other faculties of Charles University, whose stay on 17.XI college.

You must know your whole-university login to get your account.

If extern stundent want to have account on computer net of our faculty, he or she must fill-in next form.

Name and surname:
Whole-university login:
Type of identification:
Form of study:
Study year:
Wanted acces:

After fill-in all boxes, click on Submit button. This give you print-form, which you print by function in your browser. This also sends data to MFF UK. Printed form must be confirmed by your faculty. At the end of all, bring confirmed form to Sisal MFF UK (Malostranské náměstí 25, 4th floor) - office hours.