"The point of studying is not to get smarter, but to have a richer life experience." N.N.

Pavel Hryzlík
Ph.D. student at
Charles University in Prague,
Faculty of Mathematics And Physics,
School of Computer Science.

E-mail (work/school): hryzlik<at>gmail.com
E-mail (personal): pavex.cz<at>seznam.cz
Github: https://github.com/PavelHryzlik
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavel-hryzlík-17386aab

Some projects:

- Diploma Thesis - Exploitation of Linked Data for sharing public agreements data .PDF
- Contracts Register - Contracts Register for municipalities
- CES - Coober Execution System - Electronic trading platform and online financial brokerage service
- ERMS - Electronic Records Management System - Complex IS for municipalities
- Bachelor's Thesis - RFS (Route Finder System)

Others: Curriculum vitae, Facebook profile, Twitter
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