Petr Kadlecek

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Student of Computer Science Master's Degree Program PhD student (as of October 2013) at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, branch of study: Computer Graphics, (more info)

Contact: firstname (dot) surname (at) gmail (dot) com

Interests: human-computer interaction (HCI) (haptic technology), computer graphics, advanced web technologies, ...

Hobbies: cycling, floorball, squash, badminton, ubiquitous computing, neuroscience, piano, jazz, rock, classical music

I'm available as a haptic technology consultant at CGG. See Haptics web for more specific information.

School projects:


Will appear soon... (TODO)


Computer Graphics III - NPRG010 - review presentation of Hair Simulation Model for Real-Time Environments (together with Martin Kahoun)


Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics for students 2011 - Overview of current developments in haptic APIs

Software Project - NPRG023 - Virtual hair modeling in Autodesk Maya - haptic interaction

Special Seminar for Computer Graphics - NPGR005 - CESCG 2011 practice talk - Presentation

Hardware for Computer Graphics - NPGR019 - CudaParticles - simple particle system powered by NVIDIA CUDA

Predictive Rendering Technologies - NPGR026 - A simple path tracing renderer

Advanced 2D Computer Graphics - NPGR007 - Comparison of basic interpolation methods for digital image warping

Virtual Reality - NPGR012 - Virtual-E-Mart


Novint Falcon

Haptic API survey

Thorough analysis of existing APIs (both open-source and proprietary) for programming applications utilizing haptic devices. Detailed evaluation and comparison of APIs in text. Implementation of a non-trivial test problem under several APIs, result comparison. See more details on the Haptic API survey

Haptic API Suite

Haptic API Suite is a set of applications created during the survey. Visit the Haptic API Suite web page here.

Bachelor Thesis - NSZZ026 - A Practical Survey of Haptic APIs

Academic Year Project - Implementation - NPRG034 - Haptic API survey

Compiler Principles - NSWI098 Mlaskal (light-weight Pascal) compiler

Probability and Statistics - NMAI059 Ski-resort simulation in the R project

Computer Graphics II - NPGR004 - Water-plane animation


Academic Year Project - Specification - NPRG033 - Haptic API survey

Programming in C++ - NPRG041 semester project: 3DS object format real-time rendering

Algorithms and Data Structures II - NTIN061 semester project: Goldberg algorithm implementation

C# Language and .NET Framework - NPRG035 semester project: Max-flow algorithm visualisation using Microsoft XNA

Advanced .NET Programming - NPRG038 semester project: Max-flow algorithm visualisation using Microsoft XNA

Human-like artificial agents - NAIL068 semester project: CTF bot written in Pogamut for UT2004 (team project done with Martin `OICW` Kahoun)

Non-procedural Programming - NPRG005 semester project: Goldberg max-flow algorithm implementation in Prolog


Internet - NSWI096 semester project: CRM, ERP application powered by AJAX technique

Programming I - NPRG030 semester project: View frustum culling in a 3D scene using an octree (see screenshots of Metuunt project below)

Programming II - NPRG031 semester project: Implementation of basic 3D game engine features (see screenshots of Metuunt project below)


Gymnazium Arabska (High school) year project - Gateway engine 1.0 - Car simulator

Gymnazium Arabska (High school) project - Gateway engine 0.3b - Life3D (Conway's Game of Life in 3D)

Links: - Martin Dráb

Martin Jiřička - Martin Kahoun

Ondřej Plátek - Martin Všetička

15th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics 2011   EUROGRAPHICS SYMPOSIUM ON RENDERING 2011

2011, Petr Kadlecek