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POLiTe File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
cBufferItem.cpp [code]
cBufferItem.h [code]
cChainedRelationBase.cpp [code]
cChainedRelationBase.h [code]
cClassRegister.cpp [code]
cClassRegister.h [code]
cComplexQuery.cpp [code]
cComplexQuery.h [code]
cConnection.cpp [code]
cConnection.h [code]
cCursor.cpp [code]
cCursor.h [code]
cDatabase.cpp [code]
cDatabase.h [code]
cDatabaseObject.cpp [code]
cDatabaseObject.h [code]
cImmutableObject.cpp [code]
cImmutableObject.h [code]
cManyToManyRelationBase.cpp [code]
cManyToManyRelationBase.h [code]
cManyToOneRelationBase.cpp [code]
cManyToOneRelationBase.h [code]
cObject.cpp [code]
cObject.h [code]
cObjectBuffer.cpp [code]
cObjectBuffer.h [code]
cObjectIdentification.cpp [code]
cObjectIdentification.h [code]
cObjRef.cpp [code]
cObjRef.h [code]
cOneToManyRelationBase.cpp [code]
cOneToManyRelationBase.h [code]
cOneToOneRelationBase.cpp [code]
cOneToOneRelationBase.h [code]
cOracleConnection.cpp [code]
cOracleConnection.h [code]
cOracleCursor.cpp [code]
cOracleCursor.h [code]
cOracleDatabase.cpp [code]
cOracleDatabase.h [code]
cPersistentObject.cpp [code]
cPersistentObject.h [code]
cProtoBase.cpp [code]
cProtoBase.h [code]
cQueRefProto.cpp [code]
cQueRefProto.h [code]
cQuery.cpp [code]
cQuery.h [code]
cRefBase.cpp [code]
cRefBase.h [code]
cRelation.cpp [code]
cRelation.h [code]
cResultBase.cpp [code]
cResultBase.h [code]
lCmds.cpp [code]
lCmds.h [code]
lDefs.h [code]
lDefsX.h [code]
lExceptions.cpp [code]
lExceptions.h [code]
lOracle.c [code]
lOracle.h [code]
lStr.cpp [code]
lStr.h [code]
lTrace.cpp [code]
lTrace.h [code]
lTypes.h [code]
POLiTe.h [code]
preproc.h [code]
tProto.h [code]
tRef.h [code]
tRelation.h [code]
tResult.h [code]

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