tile-photos plug-in to Gimp

tile-photos helps you if you need to tile a source image to a given paper (image) size. It's very configurable. It's perfect for creating passport photos, business cards, etc.


Tiles an image to a given paper (image) size. It possible to set:

It's not required to set all the parameters. If you use the special value -1 then the real value will be computed.

Any comments? Share them with the author: Jaromír Malenko [homepage]. I appreciate your response..


This example shows an source image (Lena) and tiled image to the paper of size 10x15 cm.

This is the plug-in dialog (don't worry, it's not required to set all the input boxes).

Download and instalation

Download tile-photos.py plug-in. Changelog is in the source.

Save this file to $PREFIX/lib/gimp/2.2/plug-ins/ (where $PREFIX is usually /usr) or to your ~/.gimp-2.0/plug-ins. This applies to Unix system. Under Windows there should be a similar place for plugins.

The file must have exucutble permission set. Run chmod a+x tile-photos.py.

This plug-in is released under the terms of GNU General Public Licence version 2.