Petr Manek

Welcome to my academic website. There's not much here so far. However, there is a lot to come, so stay tuned!

About Me

  • I was born in 1994 in Prague and live there to date.
  • I am professionally interested in computers and everything they have to offer.
  • Currently, I am fully engaged in my graduate studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. (yes, that's right - I'm doing both schools at the same time)
  • If there is any free time left, I like to devote it to watching good films (KVIFF for the win!), playing piano (solo classical, jazz in a swing band), golf and internet enterpreneurship.
  • I like reading books, mainly fantasy and science fiction. Recently, I have discovered a new taste for works of John Green and Agatha Christie.
  • I would love to go abroad for year or two.


Since my time schedule is often packed, I'm rarely available for personal meetings. If you still want one, your best bet is to contact me by other means and set the meeting up in advance or look up my schedule and approach me after a lecture (without any guarantees).

If you wish to send me a message, you have many options. As a primary method, please use this online form since it patches directly through to my e-mail. I also try to respond to all inquiries on my Twitter channel and my LinkedIn profile.

Should you intend to mention any sensitive information in our communication, I kindly encourage you to encrypt it with my PGP key. You can download it from the key server.



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2017-10-18 Added the Atlanta Nuclear Symposium IEEE papers.
2017-09-05 Added the APPEL IEEE paper.
2016-11-03 Added the Publications section.
2016-10-09 Added link to ORCID.
2016-06-24 Edited header to account for the switch of studies. Added bachelor theses to the project list.
2014-10-27 Edited PGP key, added "Contact" section, added "git repo" link for the "Dungeon" project.
2014-10-22 Few language edits, added PGP key and "(in Czech)" sign.
2014-10-08 Added project "Menzy UK".
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2014-09-30 Added picture, "About Me" section and information about the "Dungeon" project.
spring 2014 This website ceased to be a dead 404. My thanks go to Michal Staruch for helping to set this up.